Governance Highlights


It is the policy and practice of NW Natural Holdings to conduct our business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and with the highest standards of integrity. The policies established by our Board of Directors are designed to ensure that the business is well-managed to serve our stakeholders and maximize long-term shareholder value. NW Natural Holdings is committed to the principles embodied within our Corporate Governance Standards and our Code of Ethics, which will help us to preserve our greatest asset - our reputation.

The Board of Directors annually reviews our corporate governance policies, committee charters and Code of Ethics, which provide a framework for the governance of the Company. The primary components of the Company's corporate governance are:

Corporate Governance Standards

The updated Corporate Governance Standards provide policies and procedures for, among other things, Board membership and leadership (including the Company's Director Independence Standards and the Director Selection Criteria), the structure and function of Board committees, Board and committee meetings, succession planning and CEO performance evaluation, compensation and stock ownership and oversight of the Code of Ethics.

Committee Charters

The Company has five standing committees with written charters:

Each of the Audit Committee, the Governance Committee (which also serves as the nominating committee) and the Organization and Executive Compensation Committee is comprised entirely of independent directors.

Code Of Ethics

The Company's long-standing policy and practice is to comply with the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations affecting the Company and its employees and to strive to achieve the highest possible standards of integrity in conducting our business. Our Code of Ethics guides us in that effort. Our Code is reviewed periodically with our employees and they are required to certify their commitment to and compliance with the Code.